BioSAFE Engineering Staff on Factory Floor
BioSAFE Engineering is the global leader in the design, manufacture, installation and service of waste treatment equipment used in research facilities, healthcare, industry and science to eliminate the threat of hazardous or infectious agents. Our production team has a global reach from our 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, IN.

Biosafe Engineering traces its history back to 1993 when medical school professors in Albany, New York produced the first system to treat laboratory animals subjected to radioactive control agents, safely and effectively. Both biological materials and radioactive isotopes were disposed of in what were the first practical applications of alkaline hydrolysis in the first laboratory waste decontamination system.

A portfolio of patents was established and the company that evolved from that research and went on to install a multitude of alkaline hydrolysis machines in the 1990s and 2000s. These breakthroughs came in the middle of an era that witnessed a growing commitment to finding alternative technologies to commercial incineration of pathological waste and diseased tissues.
Expanding at a clip that outgrew the resources of the firm, a restructuring occurred. The company was purchased and re-capitalized by present ownership and began doing business as BioSAFE Engineering in Brownsburg, Indiana in 2007.
It was during this era that the term Tissue Digester became associated with the alkaline hydrolysis process. Today, the term is in use around the globe and is widely acclaimed as the premier technology for incinerator replacement and disposal of hazardous biological agents.
Utilizing engineering know-how of sterilization processes, BioSAFE Engineering branched out into Effluent Decontamination Systems in 2002, when we designed and installed a unit at Walter Reid Medical Center to treat potentially bio-hazardous effluents. After a decade, our EDS systems are in use around the world to efficaciously treat water borne pathogens.
BioSAFE Engineering Staff in Conference Room In 2015, the company incorporated three divisions to meet the needs of growing markets - BioSAFE Life Sciences, STI BioSAFE and BioSAFE Government.