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Alkaline Hydrolysis is an alternative to incineration for disposal of potentially hazardous or infectious solid, protein-based material. Tissue Digesters employing alkaline hydrolysis are usually high-pressure machines operating as simply and cost effectively as possible. In deciding what type of machine is right for your application, you have to answer some fundamental questions. 
  1. Is this process in a BSL environment?
  2. Is the material to be processed on a regular schedule or an unpredictable schedule?
  3. What is the size and make-up of the waste stream for disposal?
  4. What is the maximum load that may require disposal within any 24-hour period?

If your application dictates that you run frequent, smaller (< 500 lbs) loads, we would suggest our Standard Systems

Alternatively, if your application tends towards larger loads, BSL pass-throughs, or indeterminate schedules and load sizes, we suggest our Engineered Systems as the basis for a more detailed technical sales discussion with our staff.

Standard Systems

Standard Tissue Digester

Engineered Systems

Engineered Tissue Digester