Dehydration Systems

Proven, Scalable Innovations only from BioSAFE Engineering.

Save Money and the Environment with Dehydration Systems

BioSAFE Engineering's Dehydrator Effluent Dehydration system delivers a host of green, cost-cutting solutions for effluent waste removal.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Eliminates effluent overheating and hard drying within Tissue Digestor vessel.

Sustainable Disposal

Reduces effluent moisture content by 90% and produces a compact byproduct suitable for landfill disposal or incineration.

Flexible Configuration

Drain discharge requirement is eliminated.

Dehydrator Features Include:

  • Scalable for all BioSAFE Engineering Tissue Digester Systems
  • Steam-heated
  • Collector Tank and Discharge Bin
  • Adjustable Processing Rates / Moisture Content
  • Operates Autonomously from the Tissue Digester
  • Vacuum Odor Control System with 0.2 um Hydrophobic Exhaust Filter